The end of pandemic lockdowns helped drive Champagne sales to a new record

Reims (France) (AFP) - The waning Covid pandemic in many parts of the world helped put people in a celebratory mood, industry leaders said Wednesday, driving 2022 Champagne sales to an all-time high above six billion euros.

The double-digit increase in revenue – up from 5.5 billion euros in 2021 – was also thanks to having moved further up-market with pricier vintage Champagnes, said the industry association Comite Champagne.

By volume, Champagne sales only rose by 1.6 percent to 326 million bottles.

The French sparkling wine is indelibly associated with celebrations.

In 2022 “it naturally accompanied consumers throughout the world as they rejoiced at the end of lockdowns and found the taste again for celebrating, going out, travelling,” said David Chatillon, co-president of the Comite Champagne.

Sales had cratered to 244 million bottles in 2020 at the height of the pandemic lockdowns.

Exports continued to rise, climbing 4.3 percent by volume to 187.5 million bottles, but domestic sales dipped 1.7 percent.

Exports now account for 57 percent of sales, up from 45 percent a decade ago.

The end of exports to Russia had little impact as the market represented under two million bottles per year.